Although, at the time, Ventuma existed under a state of self rule there
had been a time in their not too distant past where they had been ruled by
one man, a superhuman who ruled through fear and hate not love. /r Angsama
IV, was originally a wise emperor of the winds, a title which at that time
was bestowed upon the high kings of Ventuma. Before his birth, some sakaeli
monks predicted that the heir to the throne would be a being endowed with
such extraordinary qualities that he could lead Ventuma to a great new
destiny, or if corrupted could lead them to perdition. /r From birth,
Angsama was endowed with great strength, capable of lifting huge rocks with
no apparent effort. The inhabitants of Ventuma saw his great strength as a
divine attribute to rule over them and depicted a man chosen by fate to
lead them to greatness. As he grew, Angsama’s strength grew and he became
more and more famous. Endowed with this strength and united with the
teachings he had received in preparation for his destiny to rule, Angsama
became a great man upon taking the throne after the death of his father,
Angsama III. Everyone expected a prosperous and peaceful reign under him
and that’s what originally happened. /r The first years of the Angsama
government were good for Ventuma, He created a society for the study of
typhoons, increased trade links, but the most important thing he did was to
create a series of privileges for the Sakaeli Order who over time became
the protectors of Ventuma and guardians of the winds. However praise and
the influence of power soon went to his head, and Angsuma saw himself as a
god on earth and everything started to change. Angsama began to reign
tyrannically and resented the growing influence of the Sakaeli who were
seen as the champions of the people through their help of the neediest
under the new dictatorial regime. Angsama saw in this an undermining of his
power and started to persecute the Sakaeli. The brute force of the
persecutions coupled with Angsama’s great power soon decimated the order,
reducing them to a remaining few who lived in the main monastery of the
Sakaeli. /r These remaining few sakaeli entrusted themselves to the element
of the wind and all together they created a powerful tornado, the like of
which had never been seen before in Ventuma, that reduced Angsama’s powers
and imprisoned him. Due to his actions, Angsama was sentenced for life to
be chained to a rock with sacred chains that even with his strength,
Angsama himself could not break. The monks decreed that only if they saw
Angsama redeem himself, would they free him. Since then, peace returned to
Ventuma but only for a short time. A Sakaeli monk named Kus- Ra, influenced
and corrupted by a thirst for power, in an act of rebellion against the
very order that welcomed him freed Angsama and commanded him to finish the
Sakaeli off. /r Angsama free once more, was ready to finish what he had
started, even if he had to do it under the command of another disgusting
monk. No one would be able to defeat him or …would they?

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