Life for a high status girl in a country like Yamata was already quite
easy, but even more so if the girl was a member of one of the most powerful
families in the city of Nara. /r One of these girls was the beautiful
Ayumi, belonging to the Shizake clan, an old family that dated back to the
time of the founding of Nara and was well connected in the spheres of
Yamatian society. Ayumi, having grown up in a powerful and wealthy family
and having had everything she ever wanted granted to her, was extremely
spoilt and despised anybody of a lower social standing and lived in her own
carefree world. /r On the other hand her life was typical of a girl her
age; Her relationship with her parents was quite good, she went to school,
socialised with her friends and dreamed of being a great developer of high
technological products and one day following in her father’s footsteps. /r
Ayumi, whenever she could, loved practising the art of fighting with
Katanas, something which her father had taught her from an early age, along
with a sense of honour in combat on the battlefield. Ayumi was highly
skilled in the use of the Katanas, seemingly possessing an innate gift,
which allowed her to even surpass the skills of her father who was himself
a great connoisseur of all the attack and defensive positions and
techniques, Ayumi was happy but her happiness wouldn’t last. /r One day,
Ayumi returned home from school, totally unaware of what lay in store for
her when she got home. The young woman, on entering the house, felt as
though something was wrong, the butler who without fail always came out to
greet her with a small infusion, hadn’t that day. As she entered the main
hall she was confronted by the most horrific scene. Her father, mother and
all the servants lay dead on the ground and in the centre of the room,
cleaning a small sword, was a hooded man. When he saw Ayumi he rushed
towards her, intent on killing her, but Ayumi instinctively grabbed her
Father’s sword which was laying on the ground, fought back for a long time
and finally, with a great counterattack, slay him. /r Ayumi was in shock,
and couldn’t comprehend what had happened; her family lay dead and she had
just fought off an attacker, out to murder her. A few minutes past as she
calmed down and noticed her brothers were nowhere to be seen and started to
frantically search the whole house for them. Unable to find them, she
paused and had the idea that there may be a clue on the body of the dead
assassin as to her brother’s whereabouts and as to who may have hired him.
/r Indeed, she found a small handwritten note in ancient yamatieneses
characters and realized a clan from a rival city of Nara had commanded her
murder, the murder of her parents and the abduction of the children.
Unfortunately for them Ayumi had returned home from the Institute early
that afternoon, survived and now was intent on finding her brothers and
avenging her parent’s death. She knew she would have to do it herself as
she couldn’t trust the authorities or the police as she didn’t know the
extent of the influence the rival clans had over the spheres of power in
the city of Nara. It was time for her to plot her revenge and to recover
her brothers, even if it meant she would have to kill every inhabitant of
the rival city clan to do it. /r Ayumi cleaned everything and gave her
parents and the servants a dignified burial. She wrapped her father’s sword
and left her ancestral home for a safe house, nobody knew anything about.
There, she led a normal life whilst investigating the death of her parents,
her trusty katana forever by her side. Those who had sent the assassin,
would send more, but this time she would be ready to meet them and her
revenge would begin.

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