In the Year 7845 of the era of Reconciliation. Assault soldier Belenko,
son of Deutero, is declared a deserter in combat and therefore a public
enemy of the great city of Telnofia. /r Belenko intercepted a holographic
message declaring him a deserter which made him realise there was no going
back. It was time to flee and disappear. /r A few years before… /r
Belenko, since an early age, always dreamed of being part of the army of
the city-state of Telnofia, a large metropolis that was now at war with the
nearby Ekklesio Empire. His father, Commander Deutero always instilled in
him the values of the Telnofia battle code; honor, loyalty, and
companionship. Belenko knew very well what his role was in everything he
did and was willing to fight for the honour of his city, his family and the
Telnofia battle code. Belenko entered the prestigious Telnofia war academy
when he was ten years old and there he learned everything that any man or
woman could learn. He learnt that war was the place where every human
achieved honour and redemption for their sins and that he had to do his
duty and obey all orders without question. /r Once Belenko came of age, he
was assigned to a combat battalion led by his father. Belenko’s fame became
legendary. As he rose in rank, his father entrusted him with more and more
top-secret tasks until he was rewarded with an interplanetary personal
launch code upon which the city of Telnofia depended to win a war. He used
it to shoot a laser beam from space that completely destroyed the enemy. /r
One day, his father entrusted him with the mission of assaulting a small
Ekklesian border town where the enemy was supposed to keep biological
weapons. Belenko accepted the missión, assembled an assault battalion made
up of his trusted colleagues and together they set off for the border. Once
they reached the border town, they were faced with a cruel reality.
Everything seemed wrong, the village had neither a military base nor
weapons. Belenko contacted his father and hated the orders he received in
response. The new mission was to capture the small city without leaving
survivors. /r Belenko’s companions began to open fire on the civilian
population. Men, women, and children piled up in the streets, inert and
lifeless. Belenko knew that this was against the Telnofia war code and
refused the order. His companions noted his refusal and severely
reprimanded him for his attitude. In a moment of confrontation with a small
city guard, Belenko fled the battlefield and in those few seconds, Belenko
turned his back on everything he lived and fought for, including his
family. He forgot everything he had known and now loved to live life in the

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