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''I do not seek justice, I seek revenge''

At the top of the highest mountain of Erenia, a neighbouring state of Vetulonia, was sorcery tower, Morgun Albien, where the most promising witches from Erenia studied and learned the secrets of arcane magic. The power that resided in that place was incomparable even rivalling the most esteemed witches of Vetulonia.

Of all the sorcerers who lived there, there was one in particular that stood out in her abilities above all others; It was the beautiful young Cinya. This witch had arrived in Morgun Albien with a high capacity for learning and determination to become one of the best sorceresses in Erenia, but what she did not know was that she was going to find more than magic in that place. The innocent young Cinya ended up falling in love with one of her fellow sorcerers, Aldahir. Unlike Cinya, Aldahir was much more confident and liked to boast about his magical talents, which even rivalled his own masters.

Time passed and the relationship between them grew stronger. Both excelled in their academic studies and often competed against each other in duels that were held from time to time in the tower. These gradually became a regular show for all the students residing there. Aldahir's extraordinary magical abilities were soon noticed by students and teachers alike, so much so that many wondered if it was an innate power he had or something he had already learned on his own before reaching Morgun Albien. For Cinya, on the other hand, oblivious to everything that was going on around her, it was a dream she didn't want to wake up from.

Then one day, Aldahir entrusted Cinya with a secret he had been wanting to tell her for quite some time. He came from a lineage of sorcerers who learned the dark paths of black magic, contrary to the learning they received in the tower. Cinya upon receiving this news was scared, but Aldahir promised her that nothing bad would come of it and as long as nobody found out, everything would continue to be fine. Cinya kept the secret for quite some time, but fears and misgivings were making a dent in her heart. Each day that passed, Aldahir's power became stronger and more dangerous and it was becoming more and more difficult for Cinya to keep his secret, for although she was in love with Aldahir, she could not ignore the fact that the source of her beloved's powers came from the forbidden black magic.

The day came when Cinya could not keep the secret anymore and had to choose between her loyalty to all the principles she had been taught and her love for Aldahir. Cinya prepared to talk to Aldahir and beg him to stop practising black magic, as he was being corrupted by it more and more. She looked for him throughout the tower, then came across him in the duel field, where he had just beaten another student, leaving him seriously injured. Cinya contemplating the scene that had taken place, implored him to abandon the path that was leading to his destruction. However, Cinya had misjudged Aldahir because he had no intention of abandoning black magic, so she challenged him to a dangerous duel. Cinya, although being a powerful sorceress, was at a disadvantage against Aldahir, but her tenacity and belief in all the good she had learned from arcane magic, made her a considerable opponent.

The duel between the two sorcerers quickly turned into a life-and-death struggle, the force of the spells and curses that were thrown at each other made the very foundations of the sorcery tower tremble and all who lived there shuddered at the magnitude of the magic contest. At a point when Cinya's forces faltered, Aldahir took advantage of her weakness and despite long months of trust, love and friendship between the two he launched a powerful curse on Cinya, who despite partially  blocking it with a magical shield, could not face such force. Given what he had done and for fear of reprisals to come, Aldahir fled the tower in a beam of black light that enveloped everything. The curse that Aldahir had thrown at Cinya, disfigured and transformed her body in such a grotesque way that she had to run away from the place in fear of the rejection and revulsion that her appearance would cause. Cinya, after fleeing from Morgun Albien, took refuge in the depths of the Whispering Forest, on the limits of the shady lands beyond the borders of Erenia. Thereafter, over the years, Cinya wallowed in revenge and ended up practising the same sorcery that had turned her into a monstrous being, to enable her to go in search of Aldahir and punish him for what he had done. The legend of the Fat Witch began.
Cursed Spell: (passive) When you make three skill impacts within 6 seconds, real damage is inflicted on the unit you hit with the third skill.
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