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Countess Olga

''Death is only a beginning''

The early years of Countess Olga de Abasia's life were happy, both for her and her family. Olga belonged to a long line of Counts and Countesses that dated back to the time of the Great Purge, during which the human Kingdoms had jointly defeated all the magical, dark creatures that had inhabited the face of the earth.

It could be said that Countess Olga had it all: power, a well positioned family, a great husband, money, land and above all a great, almost supernatural beauty that grew in fame across all the neighbouring lands. Everything was wonderful in Olga's life but nobody could have for-seen what Olga would eventually become.

Years passed and the Countess became pregnant with her first child. She was totally happy. Her husband Esteban assumed all the administration and government tasks of the small country, allowing her to rest. However, during the pregnancy Olga suffered from minor haemorrhages and out of concern for her welfare, Esteban sent for the doctors who confirmed their worst fears that Olga suffered from Haemophilia, the disease of the kings. They recommended that she rest, maintain a strict diet which would help her regain her strength and refrain from any activity that may endanger her and her unborn child.

As Olga's son grew inside her, she felt increasingly weak and gradually stopped eating. The day came when the Countess was so weak that Esteban decided it was time to take her to the capital of the Kingdom to be in the care of the best doctors who lived there. The trip would be long and full of dangers as there were still many predatory and dangerous creatures living in the shadows along the route.

The Count and Countess, accompanied by a large escort, set off on their journey. After a few days a great storm arose and they all took refuge in a cave in the Dark Mountains. With the fatigue and stress of the trip, Olga went into labour and gave birth to her son, Vlad, the future heir and ruler of their county. Unfortunately, Olga suffered a great haemorrhage during the birth of her child and died at the moment he was born. Her cries during the birth and the subsequent cries of her new born son awakened a dark and dangerous blood sucking creature sleeping in the dark shadows at the back of the cave. A vampire, that once aroused, began to attack every living thing in its sight. While the vampire was killing the soldiers one by one, Esteban managed to pick up his son, escape from the cave and fled down the hill. However during the descent the creature caught him and attacked him. As it did, Vlad fell from his father's arms and the vampire proceeded to kill Esteban by slowly absorbing the blood from his body. Once he had feasted on Esteban’s blood, the vampire returned to the cave whereupon seeing the innate body of the countess he was transfixed by her beauty. So enchanted was he by it, he sank his teeth into Olga's neck and a few hours later Olga rose from the dead and turned into a fearsome vampire. After knowing what had happened while she was dead, Olga swore she would not rest until she found her little Vlad, even if she had to destroy half the world to do it.
Drain: (passive) Countess Olga gets spell suction based on the number of possessions generated. At night this suction increase is greater. When Countess Olga dies, if she has any generated creatures, they explode directly where they are at the time, inflicting damage.
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