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''My disease is my weapon, my God is my strength''

There he stood in the centre of the plain, the sands of the desert awash with blood and the putrefying smell of the dead bodies that lay strewn around him on the battlefield. As he stood there his skin began to disintegrate little by little, when suddenly a hooded being appeared with a long beard holding out his hand and just when he was going to take it, he woke up.

Soaked in cold sweat, he slowly got out of bed… For weeks he had dreamed the same dream, but Damian believed that they were the aftermath of his times as a soldier in the service of the king in the Holy Land. After many years away battling and earning a good fortune as a soldier, a mercenary and later as a merchant in the great city of Antioquia, Damian had returned to his homeland. Tired of being away for so long and suffering from leprosy, a terrible disease that made no distinction between rich and poor, he had settled in a small house on the outskirts of Carcassonne, a fortress town located in southern France. Damian lived as comfortably as possible despite his disease, waiting for the end that would soon take him to his grave. Without family, children and people who would miss him, he felt completely alone and abandoned.  He constantly suffered humiliation from the very people he had given so much to in his youth. Resentment and the desire for revenge grew stronger and stronger in Damian but he knew that he could not give in to his darkest instincts otherwise he would not be able to pass through the gates of Saint Peter and into heaven.

One day, on one of the few days that his illness wasn't giving him problems, Damian left the city early in the morning because he wanted to go pick some mushrooms that were beginning to grow in the woods. After finding a clearing in the woods and collecting some mushrooms, he leaned back on a tree trunk to watch the clouds go by. As he did so he noticed a hooded figure approaching from the depths of the forest. As he got closer, Damian saw that he looked very much like the figure that had appeared in his dream. When he was just a few steps from him, Damian knew there was no doubt it was the same hooded old man. Once face to face with each other, the old man held out his hand and began a brief conversation:

- 'I have watched you for a long time, Damian, and you are the most worthy person to grant my power to', said the hooded one.

- Stunned, Damian asked 'Who are you sir, you who harassed me in the placid embraces of Morpheus and now you appear before me as if you were a ghost?'.

- 'I am your past, present, and future. I am the one who endures, the one who destroys and grants, the one who does not live, but at the same time does not die. I am your revenge. I am Nemesis'.

After the brief discussion, the old man took Damian by the hand and he felt a torrent of strength and magic pass abruptly through him. The magic enveloped and revitalised him and little by little he grew stronger. After a while, the figure released his hand and vanished into a cloud of dust and as he did so whispered. 'Now your disease will be your best weapon, you will know how to use it, Damian'.

In a state of shock, he returned to the city as best he could, and on the way, he ran into some young men who began to insult and humiliate him. After enduring years and years of humiliation by those for whom he had given his life to, a torrent of magic poured out of his body in the form of pestilence and death. The torrent struck the youths and their bodies began to age and soon all that remained were their putrefied bodies. Damian understood what had happened and for one reason or another, the old man of the forest had chosen him and given him his powers. He knew very well what he had to do, it was time to take revenge on those who had marginalised him for his illness, it was time to repay everything he had suffered. It was time to be Nemesis, or Damian, the leper of Carcassonne.
Second Opportunity: (passive) on death he can continue fighting and casting abilities for a short time (if he hits with the Ulti it should lengthen the time for the other champion to play while possessed). Also reduces death cooldown by 50%.
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