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dj plastic

''Party, everyone comes to my parties''

On a planet, in some ways very different to ours, but in others very similar, lived a race of beings, the Tahatus, who through their very existence challenged the laws of physics since they were formed from a gelatinous substance similar to chewing gum. Originally these beings were human, transported from earth, who whilst on a journey across the Pacific Ocean had been transferred by a whimsical portal to this new world, where they then settled.

However a capricious twist of fate was to change their destiny on this planet forever, a fate triggered by the arrival of the Colonarios whose journey across the stars had already caused chaos throughout the universe. The Colonarios who had been observing the evolution of events of this human journey, travelled to the planet with good intentions and offered them the use of their technology in order to get them home. Little did these poor humans know that the Colonario technology could be very unstable and cause serious consequences, which many other worlds had already found out to their cost. After a series of experiments, a lightning key was designed to activate the portal to take them home but unfortunately this key produced a huge amount of radioactive fallout, which caused the Colonarios to immediately flee Tahatus and totally transformed the humans that they left stranded behind. The effect of this radiation completely altered the physiology of the Tahatus turning them into gelatinous type beings in human form. Resigned to their fate, the Tahatus adapted to their new form and evolved a totally new way of life.

Momo, was one of this new race of beings, a young Tahatu who grew up living for electronic music and was universally known as DJ Plastic. Having grown up in a good and wealthy family, he'd developed a rather self-centred and eccentric personality. His popularity knew no bounds and the parties he held every night in the different venues that populated the night streets of the city were legendary.

At one of these parties, while DJ Plastic was resting between sets, he was approached from the shadows by a being, very similar in appearance to those he'd seen in history books. The strange man introduced himself as Hapoll, a being who came from another world, although in reality, he was an old colonist who had remained living on the planet observing its progress. Stunned by the man's sudden appearance, Momo asked him what he wanted and Hapoll made him a proposition. Hapoll was one of the most celebrated masters of music and he proposed that Momo travel with him to Colaris to help unite the two factions that were fighting for power on their planet, the Great Colorian Council and the Order of the Immortal Mystics. His role would be to animate the great competitions that would soon begin as part of the peace process aimed at unifying the two factions who had been so far apart for so long. Momo, with a great desire for adventure, accepted without hesitation.

Momo started out playing and throwing the same parties he had thrown on his home planet and soon became hugely popular throughout Colaris. Soon the Immortal Mystics heard about a young alien who was one of the best discoveries in decades and contacted him. They not only wanted him to produce the music to enrich the games they had developed to satisfy the lust for battle and hence avoid the spectre of war, but also to represent them as a hero in them. Only time would tell if DJ plastic could not only enhance the aesthetic culture of the games but be a great fighter as well.
Party Hard: (passive) After four auto-attacks or skills on neutral or enemy champions this activates, within seconds, a small ring of energy around DJ Plastic, inflicting damage and slowing down all enemies affected.
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