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''The desert is my home and the sand is my family''

In a large desert land, so remote that it was barely visited by even the most adventurous explorer, was the great city of Alhasina. Alhasina was located on the banks of a river that ran through the whole desert region and was a large commercial city from which stretched countless trade routes to distant lands, and even as far as Vetulonia.

In this city lived the beautiful Faiza, a young princess who belonged to the ruling family of the city. Faiza's family, as well as controlling the city, had a great affinity and understanding of the desert to the point that some of the family members could even control the movement of sand. This was not something prevalent in their daily lives as the problems of governing a city like Alhasima were much more pressing and time consuming. Even so, young Faiza was instructed in the art of sand manipulation by the order of her father, the Emir of Alhasima, and with the help of a sorcerer of the sands. Through her training, the already naturally intelligent and beautiful born leader supplemented her innate qualities with an ability to teleport over short distances through clouds of sand.

One day, her father sat down beside Fazia in the gardens of the citadel of Alhasima and explained that in line with the family tradition, that night was the night chosen for a grand feast to elect a husband for her, now she was of a marriageable age. The young woman implored her father not to do this as she was not willing to lose her freedom for any man, but her father flatly refused her wishes. The night came and during the banquet all the candidates were presented to Faiza, but she refused to choose one, so her father invited them all along with their entourage to stay in the city. Having had their proposals rejected, nearly all refused the invitation as they just wanted to return home, all except one that is, the most mysterious and the one Faiza had been most suspicious of.

A few hours later, the princess awoke to the sound of loud noises. She jumped up and instinctively grabbed her sabre and as she prepared to leave, her father entered her room and locked the door behind him. He informed her, the young foreigner who had accepted the offer to stay with them, along with his army, was intent on slaughtering all the family and he insisted she must flee. Faiza did not understand what was happening, but listened to her father. Her father handed her his old cloak and some weapons which would help her in times of need, opened a secret passage that led beyond the city walls, and begged her to leave. As Faiza entered the passage, she looked back and saw, as the wall closed behind her, her father fending off attacks from the murderers who were annihilating every living being in the citadel.

Once beyond the walls, Faiza ran, not stopping until she had reached the very outskirts of the city. Once there she threw the cape on the sand to wrap and conceal the weapons that her father had given her, and as she did so it suddenly began to float. Faiza instinctively jumped on and with only one thought, to get away, rode away at high speed into the desert.

Once deep in the desert, she ran into a group of outlaws who after watching a demonstration of her skill with a scimitar and her ability to teleport, readily accepted her into the group. As the months went by, she became an undisputed member of the outlaws, but always hid her past and royal lineage. Faiza was finally free, but at the cost of losing her whole family. Little by little she prepared herself for the day, when the time would come when she would go in search of answers and... more than likely, revenge.
Desert Flowers: (passive) small creatures come out of Faiza. Using the CTRL key you can select the enemies you want to attack with the creature.
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