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''My iron children never die''

Fate or luck led to the meeting of the two most brilliant minds of the city of Zeilderberg, Philip Kadan and Joseph Noster, two exceptional students of the Faculty of Advanced Studies and Applications of Zeilderberg. Long years of study and shared experiences gave way to a great friendship that would last for a very long time.

While Joseph Noster focused on advanced studies of alchemy and medicine, becoming a great renowned alchemist by developing powerful potions and remedies that could revitalise even a dying man; Philip Kadan was much more innovative and specialised in the creation of robots and small machines that made life for the inhabitants in the city much easier. His intellect and  imagination, which was almost without limits, made him a great inventor. However what joined them as friends since they had met, despite the chasm between their studies, was the fascination they both professed towards esotericism and the spiritual world. The world of the dead and the sciences that studied it was forbidden. However both Kadan and Noster managed to clandestinely learn all the knowledge that this forbidden science could teach them and joined a powerful sect. All they wanted was to bring the dead back to life through powerful enchantments and dark hexes.

Once a month, whenever the moons were dyed blood-red by astral conjunction, Noster and Kadan met with the rest of their companions in an abandoned mansion on the outskirts of Zeilderberg where they celebrated dark rituals of the invocation of spirits, thanks to the astronomical power of the blood moons. For many months, the advances were unstoppable, Kadan developed an armour prototype that when worn could trap a spirit inside and would bring the wearer back to life. For his part, Noster developed powerful potions that prolonged the existence of spirits in earthly life. Through their work they soon became important members of the sect.

A day came when the sect intended to try bringing the dead back to life, without the need for potions or primitive hulks. The whole sect met that night in the mansion where they had always met, Noster and Kadan were amongst them. Everything started well but then they forgot an essential detail ... that night of blood moons was the day the moons were closest to each other, thus creating a gravitational field and aberration in the  powerful  magic they were trying to utilise. The sect had forgotten this and by the time they remembered the whole mansion began to shake. Everyone began to flee. Noster began to look for his friend Kadan among the chaos of people running and screaming. He suddenly realised Kadan had returned inside and was trying to recover his armour prototypes from the mansión as they were the only ones he had created and he was desperate not to leave them behind. Noster went back for him and begged him to leave, but given his friend's refusal, he left him there and fled the mansion just as the entire old mansion collapsed behind him, burying Kadan in the rubble.

No one knew before the experiment what the terrifying consequences were going to be. After the collapse, Kadan's spirit left his body and adhered to one of the suits of armour that he had created and that had survived the collapse. Everything that Kadan had fought for and investigated along with his sectarian companions had come true, albeit differently than expected, a complete union of soul and machine, an automaton. Kadan returned home that day in his new form and began his self-development and improvement with the sole objective of going in search of the man who until that day had been his best friend and to find answers and possibly extract retribution for his friend abandoning him.
Welcome my Friends: launches robots that inflict damage on the target. With this skill Kadan generates a robot every few seconds, up to a maximum of 5. Each time he launches a basic attack against his target using one of these robots he slows the target down and inflicts damage over the area. He can pick up the remains of any damaged robots to reduce his abilities cooldown. Passive: Kadan's personal attacks slow down the target.
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