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little boy

''My father is always with me''

If there is anything that the inhabitants of Alteria can boast about, it is the high regard of their blacksmiths, since it is said that there are none better in the entire Free Federation. Their use of readily available animallium, a rare blue mineral that is only found in Alteria, with a high capacity for the assimilation of elements and conductivity of cosmic energy, was second to none. No wonder that the most valued weapons were only found on the home-world of Alteria and were exported to almost every planet in the Federation.

In Alteria, lived a young Gaio, or as he liked to be called, Little Boy since he was still quite small but this smallness supplied him with a great intelligence that surpassed that of his father Dragos, a great blacksmith and one of the last alchemists of the city of Alteria. Thanks to the technology and the great advances that Alteria had achieved in the last millennium, the old knowledge had almost been lost to oblivion. However, in the Little Boy family, the knowledge of the old alchemists and their experiments with animallium in search of immortality had been passed down from generation to generation.

Dragos had developed a prototype of a cube-shaped artefact that he had been designing for years and that allowed him to extend life artificially, thanks to the properties of the animallium with which it was created. Dragos wanted his son to continue with his great work and continue with his family's legacy. However it was a highly difficult task since Little Boy preferred weapons and technology rather than studies and experimentation, despite having an intelligence far superior to that of his father. Since childhood he had always been interested in the creation of weapons and was a prodigy in it, he took small tools and artefacts and put them together, creating rudimentary but quite powerful weapons that he then showed to his father. Dragos was satisfied in a way, because if his little son did not become an alchemist, at least he would become quite renowned as an inventor. He would have his future assured. Despite this, Little Boy helped his father from time to time and learned everything he could about the ancient knowledge, although they both thought it wouldn't help him much.

Months passed by and Dragos continued working on his prototype while Little Boy developed a huge but very light hammer, with the animallium left over from his father.

A day came when Dragos finished his project and it was time to try it. If it worked, it would be a great achievement that would change the life of Alteria forever. For his prototype to work, he needed a lot of energy, so he waited for a stormy day which were quite common in Alteria, to perform the test. The day the storm arrived, Little Boy was oblivious to what was about to happen as he was playing with his unfinished hammer, and Dragos had locked himself in the laboratory and begun the experiment.

The lightning struck the house and the energy it discharged into the Dragos cube was such that it began to glow in a spooky blue way. The experiment was going well, the powers of the animallium created a kind of protective field that extended around Dragos and he felt his body becoming lighter and younger... the dream of immortality was getting much closer. Suddenly there was a huge thunder bolt that struck the house and the charge of energy that it transmitted into the cube was such that a sudden burst of pure energy shot out of the cube and hit Dragos. Such was the force of energy that Dragos saw his body beginning to disappear and transform into pure energy and the process was so painful that Dragos´s screams were heard throughout the entire house. Little Boy heard them and ran down to the laboratory, but by the time he arrived, he found everything was in pieces and there was no trace of his father. The only thing intact was his father's cube. Little Boy cried inconsolably as his father had just died and had disappeared and he thought he would never be with him again.

A few days later, Little Boy felt his father's voice calling him from the cube somehow. He returned to the laboratory where everything had remained the same since the explosion. He approached the cube and touched it; he went totally cold, but he felt something warm inside him beating like a heart.

At that very same moment, the cube began to glow brightly and his father's soul came out. Little Boy couldn't believe what he saw, his father's soul had merged with the cube. Dragos comforted his son and told him that he would always be by his side if he kept the cube with him and that whenever he wanted he would come out to protect him, for his soul had merged with the cube. Little Boy could not bear to leave his father alone in the cube so to always have him close, he added the cube to his hammer with which he had been working on for quite some time.

He finally had the last missing piece. His hammer was ready and it also meant he would always have his father close to him and he knew that his father would come out in times of greatest need to guide and protect him.
Spiritual Protection / Ancestral Protection: (passive) when his health falls, his father's spirit protects him with a shield that blocks damage.
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