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''I will not rest until I see the fall of the Shizake''

Tales of legendary samurai were part of Yamata's culture. The inhabitants of this island state often met to tell old stories of the past, when the gentlemen fought each other honourably and with respect to the codes of war. Of all these incredible legends none was more famous and intriguing than that of Musashi. It was said that Musahi was a great samurai who fought honourably for his lord, Endo Shisake, but was ultimately betrayed by the latter because of his popularity among the rank and file soldiers. It was said that Musashi, consumed by revenge at this act of betrayal, somehow managed to survive an eternity in order to bring about the fall of the Shisake family. However the roots of this particular legend were not based on fiction but originated from historical fact.

Musashi was a legendary samurai who fought in countless wars for his lord, Endo Shisake. It wasn't long before the exploits and honour of Musashi on the battlefield were well known by everyone, including Shizake. After winning a series of battles, he realised that the soldiers, his comrades in arms, loved him more and more which led to an increasing envy and distrust in him by his feudal lord.

On his return to Nara, the capital of the territories of the Shizake clan, Endo Shizake held a banquet to commemorate Musashi’s famous victories in battle. Everyone ate, drank and celebrated as if there were no tomorrow, but suddenly during the festivities, Musashi began to feel sleepy and very tired. At which point, soldiers, by order of Shizake’s command, seized him and dragged him outside to the river that ran near the city with the intention of killing him. Once there, the guards unsheathed their swords and began to attack Musashi but although drugged, Musashi desperately fought back and just managed to get away. Fatigued from his efforts, he fell into the river where the current carried him a long way downstream, to the very ends of Yamata.

A few days later, an old hermit found him floating on the water and rescued him and on seeing that he was almost on death's door, took him back to the caves where he lived. Once there, the old man took him to an old laboratory filled with strange machines the like of which nobody had ever seen before and that defied any previous known logic. The old man addressed Musashi, now in his very weakened state and told him to trust him as all he wanted to do was to help him. He then placed Musashi in a huge machine, from which emanated a great light and plunged Musashi into a deep sleep.

Many weeks passed before the samurai woke up from his long sleep, but the man who emerged from the machine was no longer the same as the one who entered. His body, where once there were wounds and scars, was now covered with small metal parts. He felt more alive and stronger than ever before. The old hermit, who introduced himself as Longius, explained that he had found these ruins a millennium ago and over time had discovered how to prolong life by changing parts of the body for mechanical components that did not age or deteriorate. Musashi, in the shape of this strange old man, saw an opportunity for a new life and did not hesitate to take it. As the years and decades went by, Musashi with Longius' help became more and more perfect until it was impossible to distinguish whether the samurai was a man or machine.


Musashi watched as his men had failed in the mission he had given them, but worst of all, they had been defeated by the young Ayumi Shizake, the person who they had least thought capable of foiling their plans. It was time to take action, Musashi craved the extinction of the entire Shizake family, so it was time to go after Ayumi himself. He already had the two younger Shizake heirs at his mercy, but only when he had Ayumi as well, would his revenge be complete.
Intensity increases: (passive) gets accumulating additional attack speed for each auto attack.
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