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''I can make you happy, invulnerable or give you eternal life through the power of my potions''

The city of Zeilderberg was one of the most advanced within the Confederation of United Cities. Its advances in the different areas of industry and science and especially being a pioneer in the so called Industrial boom, made it a pilgrimage for people from all over. Joseph Noster was one of them. Noster came from the nearby city of Lipos, a city famous for its impressive libraries and its deep relationship with alchemy, a science not so renowned in Zeilderberg but one that Noster hoped to study intensively at the Faculty of Advanced Studies and applications, where countless studies were taught.

Once Noster had started his studies in Zeilderber, which would become his new home for many years to come, he met his future best friend Philip Kadan. Kadan was a robotics student, with a high intellect who was trying to improve the life of the inhabitants of the city with the creation of new machines that would make life much more bearable. Their fascination with study and their eagerness to learn made them a duo of unparalleled young scientists who were constantly learning from each other. Time passed and Joseph Noster became quite the famous Alchemist in Zeilderberg and his knowledge in alchemy and medicine was held in the highest esteem. His potions and elaborations were said to possess numerous magical qualities; from potions that raised the mood to potions that if they were given on the deathbed could restore vitality to a dying person. However this acclaim was not enough for either him or his friend, and their incessant thirst for knowledge eventually led them to the forbidden science of esotericism, the study of the spirits and their manipulation. As the science of esotericism was strictly forbidden in the city of Zeilderberg, they had to conduct all their discussions and meetings relating to this forbidden science in secret.

One day, while they were gathered in Kadan's workshop while he was finishing a piece of armour he was going to give to Noster, a mysterious letter arrived. Contained within the letter was a manuscript with an address and a short note that read “We know your secret” Both friends concluded that the aforementioned secret must be referring to their clandestine meetings regarding the forbidden science esotericism.

That following night they ventured out to find the address indicated in the letter. They walked for hours, well beyond the city limits until they came to what appeared to be a deserted mansion and went inside. On entering the mansion, they found a number of people waiting for them. The people explained that the mansion was the site of an ancient sect that had studied esotericism and that they, like the sect before them, were seeking the formula to bring the dead back to life. They also explained that they had been watching the two young scientists for some time and had concluded that they would be an ideal addition to their sect. Both accepted the invitation.

Months passed and while they maintained apparently normal lives, the knowledge they acquired from the sect was enormous but if they were to be discovered they would be sentenced for life. Noster helped the sect enormously by developing strange potions that allowed the partial resurrection of the dead to converse with them and to see if they wanted to be resurrected. Their help in these matters was invaluable.

Finally the night came when the ceremony for the resurrection of the dead was to take place. The night the Blood moons aligned with the sun and acquired a reddish almost bloody tone producing an unlimited magical power, that the sect were going to take advantage of to conjure the powerful enchantment to resurrect the dead. This astronomical ancestral phenomenon occurred just once a month. All the members of the sect, including Noster and Kadan were there. Everything seemed to be going to plan when suddenly the whole mansion began to shake uncontrollably and everyone decided to flee for their lives for fear of dying beneath the rubble surrounded by the dead.

Noster couldn't see his friend outside so went back for his friend Kadan who was trying to retrieve the armour he had created for the sect. Noster, on seeing that his friend was reluctant to leave the mansion and seeing that everything was about to collapse, abandoned him there to his fate even though he needed his help.

By the time Noster learned that there was a corpse in the ruins of the Zeilderberg mansion, he was already quite far away, and therefore people couldn't associate his good name with the catastrophe that had taken place there. Regrets were going to haunt him for the rest of his life for not helping his friend. What Noster didn't know was that the day the mansion collapsed was not the last day he would see his friend, Kadan.
Hidden Science: (passive) for Every 6 abilities he uses he gets cooldown reduction on the seventh skill.
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