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''They taught me to fight, and now I do''

The young Palatina Caudam was born into a prestigious line of warriors that went back to the time of the founding of the city of Alia. Palatina grew up happily in the shadow of the city's arena, in a society in which the prestige of battle and gladiatorial fights mixed with the clinking sound of gambled coins that ran from hand to hand.

The young woman learned all types of war techniques, fighting modes and how to handle all types of weapons. With such training it was very difficult for her to be defeated, but she still sensed something was missing.

One day, Palatina asked her father, Colis Caudam, who was the most famous gladiator at the time, what else she had to do to fight as well as him in the arena. Colis had never fallen in combat and he knew his only daughter would became even more interested in gladiatorial struggles, so he knew he would have to tell her how he had achieved so many magnificent victories.

Colis took his daughter to the family pantheon where all Caudam members were buried. Once there, after passing and descending through a pile of rooms full of inscriptions and tombstones, they reached a large door where there was a large inscription that said "Fight with honour, wear it with pride." The young woman did not understand what the inscription meant, so Colis took out a small key that he carried in the pocket of his tunic and put it in a lock. The door opened slowly throwing up a cloud of dust since it had been closed for many years.

Both entered the chamber and what Palatina saw left her dumbfounded, an infinity of perfectly decorated mosaics depicting fighting scenes of ancient battles containing ancient warriors dressed in great combat armour In the very centre of the chamber, already lit with torches, there were strange golden objects that Palatina had never seen before in her life. Colis ordered his daughter to put them on. For what Palatina thought to be just ancient meaningless trinkets, soon became a light and highly strange suit of armour which her father explained could repel almost any attack from any enemy. Patalina asked how this strange armour had come to be in the family and her father told her that it had been passed down from generation to generation since her early ancestor, Lucius Paulus Caudam, had found it in the chamber they were in and constructed his home around it.

In recognition of her fully developed fighting skills, Colis gave her the armour and as a final gift handed her the sword of the Caudam family which had the ability to imbue the holder with fire or other elements.

Palatina with the armour and sword in hand, began to fight in the battles and gladiatorial fights that the city celebrated every month. Palatina's fame grew as the months and years went by and there was no fight she lost. The public already knew her as Colilla in reference to the fact that she was the daughter of Colis and Palatina. She adopted that name with pride because if it had not been for her father she would never have become the great fighter she was.

Subsequently, by order of Governor Petrus, she became a great instructor and organizer and was instructed to train the new would be warriors who sought glory and fame. Students from all over arrived and the fame of the Colilla school spread throughout the world. But Colilla, still wanted nothing more than to fight on a battlefield in pursuit of glory and soon her desire without her knowledge, would come true.
Gladiator Courage: (passive) Palatina reduces the cooldown of all her abilities when she kills an enemy champion, minion or neutral.
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