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''I smell your fear from the depths of the ocean''

If there is something lacking in the world of Thalassa it is land, since the world is completely covered by a vast ocean, except for a few archipelagos scattered around the surface of the planet. It is here that the people live, who according to legends came through a magical portal from a distant world long since forgotten.

Being an aquatic world, these humans had learned, over many generations, to live with what this world offered and knew how to adapt to it and its environment. They lived in coastal cities where they engaged in fishing and trade with other neighbouring cities, creating a thriving economy. The magic of water was also quite common among the Thalassians, since they were in constant contact with it and had learnt to master it.

The Thalassians, who in general, lived a peaceful life, only feared two things; the great storms that occurred from time to time and the pirate fleets that terrorised the seas and made commerce and sea travel precarious.

Of all the pirates sailing the oceans of Thalassa, there was none more fearsome and voracious than Sharktopus and his crew of armed sharks. The legends of the Thalassian sailors say that Sharktopus was once a young pirate with a code of honour very different from the rest. It is said, this pirate known as Nereo, only boarded ships thought to contain great fortunes inside. Once he boarded and sacked these ships, he distributed their plunder amongst the poor and underprivileged of Thelessa, guaranteeing them a reasonable life. Nereo's fame grew and grew to such an extent that he came to the attention of the authorities who put a huge bounty on his head.

One fateful day his luck changed, Nereo spotted a ship of almost epic proportions which he assumed would be loaded with bountiful treasure and hadn't suspected it might be a trap. However, he had actually fallen into the clutches of a powerful water magician known as Xifos who had been chasing him for quite some time. During the bloody battle that followed which raged for hours, at a point where Nereo believed he was winning, Xifos surprised him by evoking an incredibly powerful spell that sank Nereo's ship and his crew to the bottom of the ocean and turned them all into sharks.

Nereo and his crew were now cursed for eternity and swore revenge for ruining their lives and turning them into monstrosities. They adapted their bodies for combat on the surface, creating armour that allowed them to stand upright and carry powerful cannons as hand weapons.

Since then, it's said that Nereo, now known as Sharktopus, engulfed in blind revenge, roamed the Oceans, extracting revenge on any ship that crossed his path, in his search to find and destroy Xifos. Sharktopus and his former crew turned sharks would sail the depths of the oceans beneath the surface, like a predator ready to pounce and annihilate its prey. It would only be a matter of time before Sharktopus found Xifos and the battle would begin once again.
Pirate Cruelty: (passive) Every time Sharktopus attacks, takes damage or strikes with his abilities, he charges his fury. Passively he regenerates rage at night.
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