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''I am a subject of the Darkness''

Night was closing in and torches illuminated the dark cobblestone streets of Oscury and there was an eerie silence everywhere. A hooded shadowy figure made his way through the streets towards the Noz temple to take part in a ceremony that had not been performed in the city for a very long time. That night, the young dark Silmad, novice priest of Noz, would participate in the ceremony which could bind him with one of the fatuos, very intelligent and extrasensory mythical creatures which had lived in Oscury from the beginning of time.

On the long walk to the temple, the young novice had grave doubts as to whether it was a good idea to perform the ceremony as it was well documented that taming a fatuo was a rather dangerous task, even for the priests of Noz. However, on the other hand he also thought about the power he would gain if he could bind such a creature and how it would help him ascend the hierarchy of the temple. Suddenly, a noise interrupted his train of thoughts and as he turned he noticed a small dark man entering one of the houses. Unperturbed he returned to his thoughts and carried on his way to the temple, and as he did so the young Silmad tried to stay calm as the high towers of the temple, illuminated by the moons, appeared between the buildings.

Once he arrived at the temple and after having introduced himself, Silmad was directed to a room which was completely open to the sky, from where the two great moons could be seen shining brightly above. In the room, as Silmad began the ceremony a creature began to materialise in front of him. First, a huge eye and then flagella came out of this eye and appeared in the centre of the room. Silmad knew that it was time to fight and although there was no one else in the room he was well aware he was being watched from the walls of the temple as they were full of secret corridors that allowed people to see and hear everything and at any time.

The novice brought out an ancient magical artefact that he had been told would assist him in the arduous ceremony. After he had spoken some words from a book he had with him, chains of energy emerged out of the artefact and made their way towards the fatuo, as it monitored what he was doing with his huge eye.

When the chains touched the fatuo's flagella, it began to emit small pulses of dark energy that bounced off the walls around him, so Silmad conjured a powerful telekinetic shield that protected him from these dangerous waves. In turn, he cast another spell that would weaken the fatuo, but this far from weakening it strengthened it further.

As the battle raged, all the onlookers in the temple watched in total amazement as Silmad fought a hard and bloody battle against the fatuo, the likes of which had never been seen before.

After many hours and with neither seemingly intent on giving up, the fatuo began to acknowledge that Silmad was a worthy opponent and expressed his respect and desire to make him an equal partner by emanating a dim glow. Silmad could not believe what he saw, he had managed to link with a fatuo during the ceremony and now the time had come to make his wishes and dreams come true.

From then on, Silmad and the fatuo began to work as a team solving many problems of various degrees and at the same time Silmad rose to become a renowned high priest in Oscuria. All this without being aware that the powerful Noz, had been observing them from afar and had been taking a keen interest in the curious duo's shining capabilities.
The Discipline of Noz: (passive) each time Silmad casts an ability, he gains movement speed for a few seconds (stacks up to 4 times).
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