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Sirt Charles
Sir Charles

''I am an outdated relic, a man beyond my time''

“I have no words before such delusions to explain why the Lord punishes me for such an imprudent feat”. Those were the words that Sir Charles uttered when he first contemplated St Paul's Cathedral surrounded by immense glass buildings that touched the sky.

London 1886

Of all the good looking and famous detectives of Victorian London in 1886 Sir Charles of Longside was the most famous and bizarre of them all. He constantly patrolled the London neighbourhoods armed with his trusty Winchester rifle, a gift from his beloved wife Mary, in search of the most dangerous killer London had ever known, Nicholas Plummer. This elusive psycho killer had already committed countless homicides in the Boroughs of Whitechapel and Strand. At the point where the escalation of fear and terror had became intolerable Sir Charles received a personal order from Queen Victoria herself to eliminate this cruel murderer. Sir Charles had never expected that his search that night would take him to such a distant yet vaguely familiar land.

That day, Sir Charles said goodbye to his wife and children as he did every day and prepared to venture into the dangerous London underworld. As he walked through the fear ridden and desolate streets where he suspected Nicholas to be, he saw a man kneeling over what looked like the corpse of a poor man. Sir Charles instantly knew that he had found his man, as in the kneeling man's hand was the unmistakable gun of Nicholas Plummer. On seeing Sir Charles, the man fled and Sir Charles followed him without quarter. Sir Charles thought he had him trapped as he had chased him into a dead end but when he turned the corner, he was amazed as there was nobody to be seen. Nicholas couldn't have escaped, the buildings were very tall and there were no windows, ledges or doors to escape through.

Sir Charles made his way into the gloom of the alley, drawing his Winchester rifle as he pondered how the murderer had managed to escape, when he suddenly passed through a thick mist and then everything around him changed. The night had become day, the stone and brick buildings had given way to high buildings made of strange metal. People were dressed in strange almost indecent clothes and the carriages were no longer pulled by horses but levitated above the ground. Sir Charles, stunned but recognising he was still in his native London, made his way to where he thought the police station would be, but what he saw left him speechless. Now, where his station had been, there was a large building that touched the sky with huge tall glass windows. Perplexed, he entered and identified himself as Sir Charles, police detective by order of her majesty Queen Victoria. The police officers in attendance, although amazed, remained stony faced as stood before them was the same man that presided over them in the great hall of the building. Sir Charles couldn't comprehend what he was looking at, his image hanging on high above. The policemen, including a friendly young man called Henry, explained that he was in London in 2886. He had travelled a thousand years into the future.

Sir Charles asked to be accompanied back to where he had just come from, but unfortunately the portal or whatever had transported him, was no longer there. Henry asked him the reason for his trip and how he had ended up there. Sir Charles explained everything, the wave of murders in his native London, the Queen's mission and the final pursuit. Given the impossibility of returning home and the fact Nicholas Plummer was still at large and also unable to return, Henry asked Sir Charles if he would join the police elite in continuing the search for Nicholas. From that moment, Sir Charles worked side by side with Henry and learnt all about the times he had to live in. Given Charles's refusal to use new weapons and give up his beloved Winchester, the rifle was adapted and updated using new state of the art components. It was time to hunt a murderer, a new game with new rules and a playing field that extended to the ends of the universe. The chase had begun once more.
Persecution: (passive) Every time Sir Charles hits a champion with any of his abilities or auto-attacks, it reduces their cooldowns. The Shrapnel applies as many cooldown reductions as the number of enemies hit by it.
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