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''I have to maintain the water cycle''

Among all the beings that inhabited Thalassa, none aroused more curiosity and fear than the mysterious being that the Thalassians nicknamed Sugar. Some said she was a goddess of the sea that existed before the arrival of humans in Thalassa, others believed her to be a crossbreed; half human, half aquatic being... the truth, in fact, was much simpler.

Sugar was once a powerful water wizard known as Axios, from the merchant city of Teflys. Axios, from an early age, showed innate qualities for water management and with little training could control it with her own free will. What many people saw as an uncontrollable power, Axios instead preferred to see water as a power for good, for the healing and protective powers it could bring. However she was able to create balls of energy drawn from the very power of water that could be used to either attack an enemy or protect anyone who needed it.

When Axios reached the necessary age, she was sent to the Water Wizards School by her family. There she continued to focus on the power for good that water possessed. Her time in school went well, until she was faced with an extravagant and pretentious magician, Xifos, who was the direct opposite to Axios; Xifos preferred to pursue the control and power of water for his own use and as a tool to enhance his own personal power.

The only one in the whole school who could rival Xifos was Axios, which Xifos was only too aware of and this further increased the hostility between them. Given the envy that Xifos had towards Axios and the threat she posed to his personal ambitions, he devised a plan to get rid of her forever. One night while everyone slept, Xifos cast a powerful curse, fed by the darkest forces of water, upon Axios.

The spell began to have a dire effect on Axios, as from that day on she began to suffer from a traumatic transformation which left unchecked would finally lead to her death. However thanks to her magical abilities, Axios was able to restrain the curse with the healing power of water, but not before it had changed her from human form into a sub aquatic humanoid creature, albeit with her powers still intact.

Axios fled the school to the sea, in fear of her classmates' repulsion at her new appearance and the continuing threat posed by Xifos, who still sought to kill her.

As the years passed, the legend grew of a magical being which appeared in times of need, to protect the sailors sailing the dangerous sea routes of Thalassia. During this time, and through the healing powers of water, she gradually transformed from the sub aquatic creature she had once become back to a human form with great beauty. The myth of Sugar, the sea goddess with power over water, began.
Concentration: (passive) critical hits inflict additional real damage and replenish health and mana.
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