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tony ghost

''The streets of Telnofia are my courts of justice''

Despite the constant war between the city state of Telnofia and Ekklesio, both sides still had to deal with public order offences and problems that arose in their capitals and respective territories.

One of the worst problems in Telnofia at that time, other than the war, was the famous night vigilante, Tony Ghost. A madman, well known in Telnofia, who night after night, engulfed in flames and riding a skateboard, went in search of the worst criminal gangs that Telnofia had to offer. As the Guard of the Secrets were totally overwhelmed in combating Ekklesian spies and with Vanessa Orlenda, the only agent capable of stopping him, officially missing, Tony Ghost had free reign of the city. Nobody knew where he had come from and how he came to be in Telnofia, nobody that is except Volum, an exiled ex-priest from Concilia, the capital of Ekklesia. Volum had actually been involved in his creation and had a secret hold over him.

A few years earlier, at the start of the war, Volum, already well settled in Telnofian society, acted as a link between the Telnofian high command and Ekklesian dissidents. What no one knew was that Volum had secretly been expelled from Concilia for organising and performing dark ceremonies using crimson energy. A powerful mystical energy source which some Ekklesian priests believed possessed great power, but when used led to the loss of humanity and whose use was contrary to the teachings of , and therefore banned by, the High Council of Concilia.

Such was the fate of the unfortunate Lukos, a notorious young thief, who along with his little gang had the misfortune of coming across Volum, during a burglary at his house.

Lukos, who was never without his skateboard, had heard through a tip-off of a house in the wealthiest area of Telnofia which contained such great treasures that their value could free him and his entire gang from a life of crime forever. After thorough planning, Lukos and his gang agreed to burgle the house. The house seemed empty and everything was going well until they entered the room where the treasures were supposed to be and encountered the dark and dangerous Volum. As they made their way into the room and in the blink of an eye, Lukos was enveloped by a mysterious energy in the form of incandescent chains which slowly began to strangle him. Meanwhile, his so-called band of brothers, whom he considered to be his friends, abandoned him, as through fear and despair they fled that infernal room. That day Lukos's life ended and that of Tony Ghost began.

Ever since, Lukos, now Tony Ghost, in his new ghostly form and eternally engulfed in flames, has sought the annihilation, one by one, of all the criminal gangs in Telnofia in a desperate attempt to regain his lost humanity and take revenge on those who on the day of his death had deserted him. All this, under the watchful eye and control of Volum, who secretly kept Lukos's human essence locked in the deepest depths of his house.
Hunted: (passive) After casting an ability the basic attack causes additional damage.
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