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''Sad is the melody that sustains my body''

In London high society, at the height of the Victorian era, there were very few luxuries that people could do without and one of these was music. There was nothing more enchanting for Londoners than to listen to a good classical music concert in one of the numerous small theatres that populated the misty streets of the capital, accompanied by a small cup of tea.

Ulrich Maylor was one of the finest violinists the world had ever seen. Arriving in London from faraway lands, he carried a certain aura of mystery and sadness which, together with his ability to project what he felt through the melodies of his violin, made him the great musician he was. Ulrich himself played for the royal family on countless occasions and gradually climbed the social ladder to become a highly admired and respected individual.

Everyone who met the violinist dreamed of becoming him, as his riches and fame made him the envy of all but little did people know that he carried a great sadness that overshadowed all of his achievements.

A few years before arriving in London, Ulrich had lived with his family in a small town in the Austrian Empire. At the Habsburg court, he had made a great name for himself as a violinist, but fame also brought with it serious problems, and one of these was making enemies. Ulrich had become an easy target for a group of rival musicians who wanted to eliminate him, in order to gain the Emperor's and his family's influence.

One day, the musician and his wife Anna were enjoying a short stroll along the banks of the Danube, when suddenly a man in a trench coat stumbled into them. The man, somewhat nervous and conveying an aura of uneasiness, began to speak with a strong foreign accent. Ulrich asked the stranger if something was wrong and how he could help him, but the man simply replied with a single word, 'death'.

Suddenly, the stranger pulled out a small pistol and fired a volley of shots and in the foray killed Anna on the spot. Ulrich managed to cut his enemy down just as two policemen who were walking past arrived.

A few days later after his wife's funeral, Ulrich decided to flee Austria as he knew his enemies, through their jealousy, would still be after him. So after packing his bags, he said goodbye to his family and sadly took a train to Paris and then on to the French coast. His intention was to reach London where he had acquaintances and could settle far from his enemies. Ulrich carried with him the small urn that held the ashes of his young wife.

The fiddler's story was sad enough, but his end was even sadder. After a long sleepless night, Ulrich finally reached the point where he could no longer bear the sadness of being without his beloved and made contact with an ancient order of worshippers of the demon Beelzebub, which was made up of the darkest members of society.

This Order suggested that there was a way to resurrect Anna, but it was rather dangerous and could endanger Ulrich's soul. However Ulrich instantly resolved to try, as seeing his beloved again was what the most important thing he wanted in the whole world.The musician prepared his violin and the urn of his wife's ashes for the ceremony as he was told that at the moment of the resurrection, music could bring relief to lost souls.

Once in the Sancta Santorum of the Order, they started to perform the resurrection. Some began wailing loudly while Ulrich played an old melody on his violin that only his wife knew. The incantation itself seemed to be going well, but suddenly a dark shadow with ruby-red eyes appeared and swooped down on Ulrich and sucked the life out of him and the flesh off his bones. Everyone fled as the demon vanished into thin air as if it were merely dust. A few days later, some passers-by reported to the city inspectors that they had seen a skeleton playing a sad melody on a violin while wandering the darkest streets of London. No one knew that this skeleton was Ulrich and that he was willing to get his beloved back at any cost.
Inspiration: (passive) every two auto-attacks or abilities, his abilities gain additional reach/range.
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