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''I want my lollipop''

In the small state of Vetulonia, nothing was what it seemed and less still was the lovely, playful, mischievous little Valentina Demmyae. Born into a prestigious family of wizards and sorceresses, with the ability to control fire, Valentina was destined to follow the family tradition of studying at the prestigious Vulcany Academy where she could develop her inherent pyrotechnic powers.

The apparent tranquillity that reigned in the Demmmyae family was only a mirage because it hid a dark secret. Valentina's father, Tarquinio, who was one of the most powerful wizards that Vetulonia had ever known, wanted to control the great pyrotechnic forces that dominated their world. So in his arrogance and thirst for power he delved into the dark manuscripts of the Foco Nocte sect, which contained dark secrets relating to the magic of fire.

Through the use of these dark arts Tarquinio learned how to invoke powerful demons which gave him more and more power. Tarquinio's dream was to establish a regime where fire would rule supreme over other types of magic with himself at its head.

One day, the young Valentina returned from a day out with her mother in the city, carrying a large heart-shaped lollipop given to her by a merchant. The little girl charmed everyone wherever she went and everybody loved her happy smiling character and her little pranks. When she got home, she immediately went to show her father her new gift, who on seeing how happy the lollipop made her, cast a spell which considerably increased its size. Valentina was radiant with happiness and from that day her lollipop went with her wherever she went.

Some years later, now a young woman, Valentina was looking for her father to show him a small candle of fire that she had managed to conjure. Her mother told her that he was busy in the basement and she could not disturb him at that time. Valentina couldn't understand why her father was locked away in the basement of the mansion so without thinking entered to find out. As she entered, her actions unwittingly disturbed the defences her father had created to contain the demon he had previously invoked and consequently the demon launched itself at Little Valentina, entered her body and merged with her soul. Valentina, in that moment became more powerful than she had ever been and her lollipop, imbued with powers of the demon, shone in an almost ghostly way. The Valentina who entered and left the Demmyae basement were never the same again. It is said, that since that fateful day, Valentina roams the confines of her world, driven by the demon inside her. She and her lollipop are never parted and anyone who dares to take it from her will face the demon Valentina carries inside.
Sweet Command: (passive) can use her skill without consuming any mana. If she hits an enemy champion when cooldown is active, what she would have spent will heal her.
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