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vanessa orlenda

''The law and the code above all''

The headquarters of the Guard of Secrets of the city of Telnofia was one of the most technologically advanced sites in the already advanced Telnofian city. The guards were sent to spy in and beyond the borders of the city-state, looking for people who violated the strict orders and laws of the Telnofian code, so that, along with their weapons and their espionage and counterintelligence techniques, made them an elite group of spies and murderers ready to uphold the law.

Among all the guardians, Vanessa Orlenda was the most eccentric and prestigious guardian of the secrets of the entire headquarters. Her reputation was well established and she was advanced in espionage and combat techniques using classic guns and an arc, which for many Telnofians was archaic and outdated but for Vanessawas a potent weapon. She had always had an almost fanatical idea of order and discipline. Her eagerness to follow the Telnofian code to the letter and the orders of her bosses and commanders made her an expert, confident and a fearsome warrior to be aware of. Through her short but intense career in the Guard Corps, her reconnaissance missions of Telnofianos dissidents to the rigid control imposed by the senior officials of the city, along with spy missions to Empire Ekklesio, she increased her fame, ascending to the point where she became the most expert spy for Telnofia.

Vanessa complied with all established standards, except one. A spy could not form a family or have loved ones since they could not have weak points and the Telnofians considered this to be a major weak point, and even more so if the Telnofian was a guardian of the secrets. The problem was Vanessa fell in love with Belenko, son of the great commander Deutero.

On a reconnaissance mission on the border with Ekklesia, Vanessa fell prey to an enemy advance and at the last moment in which they were about to kill her, Belenko arrived with his company of storm-troopers and rescued her. Belenko took care of her during the long trip back to Telnofia and Vanessa, as the days went by, saw that they had many things in common and fell in love with Belenko. Both knew that they could not make their relationship public because he was expected to marry an heiress of a large family and she could not have any relationship with anyone because it went against the rules.

Months passed and Vanessa continued with her missions while Belenko continued to ascend within the army. Their relationship was secret and they were very happy. They agreed that when the war was over, both would renounce everything and that would be the time to establish a family, away from the control of Telnofia but what they did not know was that sooner rather than later, their dreams of a peaceful life would remain exactly that. Belenko contacted Vanessa and informed her that he had a reconnaissance mission in a city near the border. Vanessa did not know that this would be the last time she would see her beloved alive.

When Vanessa's senior officials informed her that Belenko, son of Deutero, had betrayed Telnofia and defected in combat, she could not believe it. But Belenko sent her an encrypted message telling her point by point what had happened. However, Vanessa couldn't find it within herself to justify his actions because of her duty to the city and her strict ethic of following the laws. Her disapproval was so great that she broke any contact with Belenko but made a note of where the message had come from.

The hunt began and left behind were months of happiness and companionship. It was time to bring the fugitive back to Telnofia and only the gods knew what would happen, but for Vanessa one thing was clear; there was only the law and her law above all.
Guardian Power: (passive) after each fourth attack on an enemy Champion, she fires a combined shot from the two pistols which inflicts a greater amount of damage.
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