Khosmium and Hedera

Khosmium, the new strategy game that combines MOBA, RPG and RTS in a unique experience, is one of the first Triple A games to be developed as play to earn, meaning that players can monetise their time while having fun playing the game, thanks to the partnership the game has signed with Hedera.

Hedera allows the creation of in-game tokens, which means that players can earn exclusive rewards for their performance.

These tokens can also be exchanged for real money, which further increases the attractiveness of Khosmium as a game with an interesting return for investors.

What really sets Khosmium apart from other similar games is its partnership with Hedera, a state-of-the-art decentralised platform. This partnership is key to understanding the potential and projection that Khosmium will have in the future.

Khosmium’s internal economy is backed by Hedera’s technology, which means that players can be confident that their in-game winnings and transactions are secure and backed by a trusted ecosystem. In addition, Hedera’s platform allows for great scalability, meaning that the in-game economy can grow as more players join whether they are pure players or investors in the game.

The partnership with Hedera is a great advantage for Khosmium, as it provides the game with a stable and secure economy. In addition, Hedera’s technology allows for more interaction between players, which means that the Khosmium community will be more active and collaborative than other gaming communities. This aspect is fundamental for the success of any videogame, and with Hedera as a partner, Khosmium is expected to have a great projection in this sense.

A game is based on its community.

Khosmium has been developed taking into account one of the fundamental pillars of the videogame sector, that is, its community, so there will be a large amount of content and updates available for players. In addition, the game has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, making it accessible to both experienced players and those new to the genre, making its community highly inclusive for all audiences.

In addition to the play to earn economy, Khosmium also offers a unique gaming experience thanks to its combination of three game modes.

MOBA mode allows players to control characters with unique abilities and fight against enemy teams on strategic maps. RPG mode allows players to explore a virtual world and develop their characters as they gain experience and skills. And the RTS mode allows players to build and control their own bases and armies to compete in real-time strategy games.

This agreement with Hedera is crucial to Khosmium’s success. With a secure and transparent economy, increased player interaction and the ability to earn real money, the game is expected to have impressive future projections. The incorporation of Hedera in the development of Khosmium is a demonstration of the platform’s ability to transform the gaming industry and create unique experiences for players.

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