Khosmium presentation event

Last May, in one of the most renowned venues in Marbella, a large number of gaming fans gathered for the presentation of the video game Khosmium, a title that promises to revolutionise the video game and esports market.

The event brought together influential personalities from the sector and a dedicated audience who saw the first preview images of the videogame, which undoubtedly exceeded the expectations of the attendees.

Khosmium is one of the first videogames to combine three game modes: MOBA, RPG and RTS.

This makes it a unique title on the market and differentiates it from other games that only focus on a single mode.

In addition, it is developed with Hedera’s decentralised technology, which means that players will enjoy an unrestricted gaming experience without the dependencies that the traditional gaming industry has been giving to its titles.

The event, which took place inside one of Europe’s largest domes, surprised attendees with 360-degree projected images that immersed the audience in the virtual world of the game. The evening was enlivened by DJ Danny Avila, author of the game’s original soundtrack, who added an unbeatable atmosphere to the experience. The video game and esports sector is constantly growing and evolving, and the presentation of Khosmium is a pure demonstration of this. 

Khosmium is not only a triple A video game, but is also projecting itself as a success in the world of esports.

With its unique combination of game modes and decentralised technology, the game offers a completely new and exciting gaming experience for players.

The Khosmium video game has been described as one of the most anticipated games of the last few years, and the presentation of the game proved that it has good reason to be. With innovative gameplay modes and an emotionally charged storyline, attendees at the event were drawn into the game’s virtual universe from the very first minute.

The Khosmium presentation was a successful event that left attendees wanting more.

The game is expected to be launched in 2023 and is further proof of the growing interest in video games and esports as a form of entertainment and investment. Khosmium will undoubtedly be a title to watch closely in the future.

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