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Khosmium is a Triple A game that combines the most successful game modes (MOBA, RPG and RTS) as you have never seen before.


Khosmium is an official sponsor of the football team Kunisports in the Kings League and Krü Esports (of which Kun Agüero is the president).

sponsors de kunisports - khosmium


DJ Danny Avila, partner in the videogame and creator of the music for the cinematic trailer. He performed at the Khosmium World Event in Marbella.


For the best gaming experience, Khosmium players can access their wallets instantly and safely through Magic Enterprise-grade secure and compliant wallet service


The first game developed with Hedera technology

Through its agreement with, and as one of the first games built on the Hedera network, Khosmium has the exclusive use of Hedera´s unique distributed ledger technology to enhance its Fun-2-Play functionality and further empower the player and improve the gaming experience.

The Hedera network is currently the most innovative and important DLT technology consortium, with the involvement of companies such as Google, IBM, Ubisoft, among others.

Khosmium: built on Hedera.

The HBAR Foundation supports the creation of Web3 communities built on top of the Hedera network, empowering and funding the developers who develop these communities.

The Foundation’s six funds – focused on cryptoeconomics, metaverse, sustainability, financial technology, privacy and women founders – support communities within these areas, and the interconnectedness allows applications to collaborate as part of a broader ecosystem.

The collective power of these funds enables entrepreneurs, developers and businesses of all sizes to tackle some of the world’s biggest problems, and to create and control their own economies, all built on the Hedera public network.

Hedera is a unique, open source, incredibly fast, energy efficient (carbon negative) and secure decentralised public network, all thanks to the development of its hashgraph consensus algorithm. This decentralised technology is run by a group of independent entities consisting of companies, web3 projects and leading universities.

More freedom and flexibility to the in-game economy.

Users can transfer assets and purchase goods and services in-game with the security and transparency provided by this decentralised technology, backed by Hedera.

The Hedera network enables the creation of a real economy in fun-to-play games, supporting both its native token (HBAR) and Khosmium tokens ($KHOS) created in the native Hedera Token Service, support for NFTs and sustainable scalability for the system and its economy.

Why invest in Khosmium?

Why invest in Khosmium?


With its unique three-in-one game, Khosmium is revolutionising the RPG, RTS and MOBA genres and will be an important part of the web3 gaming revolution.


One of the key aspects of Khosmium is the investment in in-game digital assets through the development and merging of NFTs that can be marketed in and out of the game.


As Khosmium’s community grows, so does the power of our native token. A bigger community means a stronger economy and potentially greater returns on your investment.


Hedera‘s SUPPORT tech is empowering Khosmium’s community to drive our gaming economy. Through a controlled token release, rewards, NFTs, and more, we’re creating a sustainable economic ecosystem.


If you are interested in being part of the Khosmium project as an investor, you can obtain more detailed information in this dossier.

Who is behind Khosmium?

mindiff is a studio with a creative team of professionals who have been creating and managing videogames for more than 25 years.

They are deeply rooted in the gaming community, so they understand the needs and challenges of the gamer community very well.

They also have experts in the field of Play-to-Earn games and decentralised digital assets, so integrating their game into the web3 environment was a natural step in their roadmap.







Team Formation

Brand and Strategy

Game Logic Development

Exclusive trailer music composition by Danny Avila

Exclusive trailer music composition by Danny Avila


Social Media Launch

Website Launch


Whitepaper & Roadmap

Video Trailer

KHOSMIUM World Event Marbella

Choosing the Hedera™ DLT

Partnership with The HBAR Foundation


Seed/Private Sales (currently)


Dapp Launch

Game phase 1: DEMO

Marketplace Launch

NFTs Sales

Public Sales

Game phase 2: OPEN BETA


Season & Battle Pass

Guild Scholarships


League System

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