KHOSMIUM is a AAA play to earn video game based on a fantasy universe, which combines the best of the RPG - RTS - MOBA genres, taking you into its own METAVERSE in PvE and PvP modes.

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What is Khosmium?

Khosmium is a PC eSports PvE or PvP fantasy combat game based on play to earn mechanics that rewards its users while having fun.

How to get rewards

Play the game: By completing missions, objectives, and battles. Completing daily, weekly and monthly tasks will earn even more rewards.

NFT staking: Every hero needs a place of sanctuary to rest for a while. Lock in your NFTs and earn higher, longer term rewards.

Yield farming / staking: By locking your tokens in the liquidity pool you earn more rewards while contributing to maintaining a healthy game environment.

Merging: By evolving your NFTs through merging, you can earn rewards while enjoying better game play and increasing the value of your NFTs in the marketplace.


The Khosmium Community

Why join the Khosmium Metaverse?

As part of the Khosmium community players will:

  • Be part of a huge fun playing community with its own prosperous and rewarding economy.
  • Enjoy participating in great battles and engaging in interpersonal combat with other players or the environment.
  • Love exploring, farming and developing new and unexplored lands.
  • Own and develop their digital assets (NFTs) through game-play.
  • Be able to increase the rarity and value of their NFTs by merging them.
  • Be able to change, improve or make a profit on their NFTs by dealing in the marketplace and thus enhancing their gaming experience and the value of their user account.


As Khosmium is an eSport game built for PC, fans and players alike will enjoy the competitiveness and excitement of our large scale eSport events, prize draws and promotions.

NFTS Heroes, Pets and Objects

All our NFTs are available in 5 different levels: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mystic.

Heroes, pets and objects can be obtained from chests, the marketplace and upgraded by NFT merging and burning. Objects can also be obtained by in-game play.



There are 28 heroes available.

Each hero has one passive ability, three active abilities and one ultimate ability. Heroes can be upgraded within each level with talent points.



There are 15 species of pet available.

Pets improve the attributes of our hero when used in the game and you earn a passive income from them.



There are more than 100 NFT objects available.

Up to a maximum of 7 objects can be carried by heroes to enhance their abilities. Objects can also be obtained through game-play.

Magic Capsules

Primary purchases of NFTs will be available through magic capsules.

magic capsules

As players may want specific characters or to build a collection, primary sales in this way lead to greater resale activity in the marketplace, generating higher demand for $KHOS tokens and thus potentially increasing their value.


The Marketplace

There are two types of markets:

NFT Market

This is where players will be able to buy, sell, and auction their NFTs (heroes, pets, items, and armour), using the $KHOS token.

Khosmium will charge a commission on transactions to maintain funds for liquidity, future growth and game development.

In-game Market

This is where players will be able to buy, sell, and auction their earned items as in-game rewards, using the in game $IUM token.

token khos


$KHOS is the currency at the heart of the Khosmium eco system and is used as a medium of exchange in the market place and provides a convenient and secure mode of payment and settlement between users.

Management contract: Chain: Solana

There will be a total supply of 1,000,000,000 $KHOS tokens.


$IUM is the in game currency of Khosmium and is designed as a reward coin. With it, players will be able to make purchases, level up, upgrade skills and participate in many other benefits that Khosmium has to offer.


Rewards will be distributed in $IUM TOKEN during game play and $KHOS for farming/ yielding and locking in NFTs. $IUM TOKEN can also be exchanged for $KHOS tokens to enable players to cash in their in game rewards thus enabling them to earn $KHOS tokens from having fun.



KHOS Tokens Economy

Management contract:

Chain: Solana

There will be a total supply of 1,000,000,000 $KHOS tokens.


Token Distribution

tokens distributon tokens distributon

Market strategy for future game development and growth

Phase 1 2022

Game launch. Users will be able to purchase NFT through capsules and then be able to enhance their value through game play, trading and merging their Hero, pet, equipment and Object NFTS.

Phase 2 2023

Users will be able to build on and rent plots of lands to further enhance their pet, objects and equipment NFTs, allowing them to further increase the value of their NFT assets and accounts.

Phase 3 2024

Users will be able to design and create their own unique NFTs through a major upgrade, adding a whole new dimension to the NFT new marketplace.


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We are creating universal economies driven by player ownership. We believe that true ownership of digital assets, verifiable scarcity, and integrated secondary markets are the future of games.

The Team

The Khosmium team brings together a group of people who have created and managed projects related to the RPG, RTS and MOBA genres for more than 25 years, as well as being trained in the block-chain technology sector for NFT games.

“Today more than ever, a good project depends on bringing together a herd of brains”