Among the many natural elements that exist and are venerated in the
arduous world of Ventuma, the most important is the wind. The wind has an
almost mystical role in the lives of the Ventumians, who are constantly at
its mercy, but they have learnt to live with it, value it, cherish it and
benefit from its use in their daily lives. /r From time to time, due to the
people’s affinity with the wind, a child is born with the ability to
control the wind, a force so powerful that in the right hands can benefit
an entire nation, but in the wrong hands can destroy entire cities. Ashima
was one of these gifted few. /r Like all children born with this gift
Ahimsa was sent to study at the monastery of the order of the Sakaeli; A
mystical order where the power of the wind is studied with the intention of
combining it with powerful fighting gear and harnessing its use in combat.
The children also learn to use it, mould and turn it into an inexhaustible
source of defensive power to protect their planet from the constant
typhoons that are constantly whipping the surface and from other hazards
beyond. /r Ahimsa was not like the other children. He thought he was
destined to be the best. His power was almost unparalleled and his fighting
skills often allowed him to defeat even some of his more powerful masters.
As he grew, his power grew on par with him, but so did his arrogance and
soon the time came when his arrogance knew no bounds and he began to
transgress the laws that governed all Sakaelite philosophy. After a number
of problems in the monastery Ahimsa’s teachers decided it was time to teach
their humble disciple a lesson and arranged a contest with the Great
fighting master. During the contest, Ashima was losing and in his
consequential rage, he evoked a powerful wind with a force the likes of
which had never been seen in the monastery before, which not only defeated
his opponent to the near point of death but also partially destroyed the
monastery. /r Ahimsa was brought before the great monk, the supreme chief
of the Sakaeli order who punished him with expulsion from the order and
instructed him to seek redemption. To ensure he wouldn’t return before
finding redemption and to teach him that only the pure and noble of heart
could become true warriors, they blinded him. Since then Ahimsa has
wandered relentlessly trying to find meaning in his life and the
enlightenment that will help him resume his true path, even if he has to
defeat the most powerful opponents to do it.

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