A long time ago on Amazimua, the planet of a thousand jungles, there was a
beautiful civilization called Tonatiuko. Originally this was a peaceful
civilisation that was spread right across Amazimua and included many
different races and was based on the preservation and oneness with nature.
This all changed after the inhabitants of the capital city Tlaxcalan were
visited by celestial beings, the Colonarios. In return for their mystical
knowledge, the Colonarios bestowed upon the Tlaxauilkians, and more
specifically the Sun kings of Tlaxauilkan, new technology which they then
used to impose a great military empire on all the free towns throughout
Amazimua. Amazimuian society changed from this moment onward, from a once
peaceful society to a military dictatorship. /r During the reign of the
last great Sun King, lived Chamyl, a young citizen of Tlaxauilkan, who
longed for the return of the old peaceful society that existed before the
arrivals of the Colonarios. Chamyl was a guardian of the forests, descended
from a long line of chameleon warriors, an elite guard who were dedicated
to the preservation and care of the forests and all that lived in them.
Despite the regime, life for Chamyl wasn’t too bad, thanks to his
profession as he had something to believe in and fight for. /r But one
fateful day everything changed forever. Chamyl was a couple of hours into a
jungle expedition to save the last remaining specimens of misty leopards, a
rare breed of white cats which were close to extinction when he saw a
strange flash followed by a thunderous explosion coming from the direction
of Tlaxauikan. The sun high in the sky, Chamly quickly climbed up to the
top of the trees to see what was happening. Tlaxaukin was completely on
fire, no doubt caused in some way by the alien technology brought to this
world by the damned Colonarios. Chamyl, concerned for his family,
immediately returned to the city. As he approached the city, he was faced
with a scene of total devastation; the air was very hot, his skin itched,
people ran here, there and everywhere in blind panic, the woods burned in
flames, friends, acquaintances, beings lay on the ground… everything he
knew, his whole life had collapsed in one day. /r When he got to what was
his house, he couldn’t find his family and what remained of the once great
house lay in ruins. Night soon fell, and the young man took refuge in the
ruins. Little by little, he fell into a deep sleep, but as he did so his
skin still burned and he had a strange taste in his mouth. /r The next day,
as there was nothing left for him there he returned to the jungle, his
second home, where with luck, he could find some sustenance and perhaps
some survivors of the great catastrophe which had ended the great Empire.
The days soon turned into weeks, and as time progressed, Chamyl suffered a
gradual and violent mutation due to the radiation fallout from the big
bang. He transformed from a human into a reptilian human hybrid with
seemingly nothing to live for, no family, no homeland, no humanity…
however for him, there was something to continue fighting for in that
inhospitable place, the protection at all costs of the species that
remained in the jungles and to kill anyone who went there and threatened
his beloved animals.

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