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''Time is what it is''

Of all the powers available to the colonists, there was none more powerful than time control. Only a chosen few were born with a gift of extrasensory sense that allowed them to control time and travel between different realities without the need for machines or technology. One of these fortunate chosen few, was Chronos.

Born into one of the most powerful houses in Colaris, the capital world of the colonies, Chronos learnt from an early age the deepest secrets of the universe and about the power that governed everything, which was time. In his eagerness to gain more new secrets, Chronos travelled between the different realities and through his visits satisfied his great curiosity for new things. Due to his travels and interactions with the civilizations he encountered he increasingly incurred the wrath of the colonists to the point where they introduced a new law. He must not under any pretext, with any race, manipulate time or he would face an extremely severe punishment.

For what simple mortals perceived to be thousands of years, Chronos fulfilled this rule by observing countless worlds from the shadows of time, to learn how civilizations developed, but one day all this would come to an end. In one of his short trips, Chronos travelled to one of the worlds he liked the most, but during the trip something or someone manipulated space-time and Chronos was transported to an immense battlefield, in a world he had never been to before. Upon arrival, because he wasn't meant to be there, his presence caused time to freeze. Worst of all, the colonists were watching, so Chronos knew he had to flee, especially bearing in mind what they had told him about interacting with any race in time. The problem was, due to the bad weather, the humans would see him leave, an anthropomorphic figure travelling at immense speed, leaving a beam of light behind. Despite the obvious consequences from the colonist, he decided to leave. Thus began the myth of Chronos in our world and his downfall in his.

Upon returning to Colaris, Chronos faced a trial for his mistake. Although he defended himself by arguing that it had been an accident or worse he had been set up, the colonial judges, who were members of the Immortal Mystics sect, still accused him of disobedience. However, as other members saw repentance and truth in his eyes, the final condemnation resulted in a lifetime of service on the battlefields of the colonies. For every victory Chronos delivered, his sentence would be reduced to the point where he would finally be granted freedom. It was time to see if the innate powers of time manipulation would see Chronos come through these battles unscathed.
Visual Field: (passive) Chronos obtains increased move speed from the watches around him. He can attack his allies with basic attacks to reduce cooldown. You can set a special key so that when Chronos hits allies with his basic attacks it reduces their cooldown.
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