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''I am putrefaction, I am death, I am plague''

Of all the planets the colonists visited, none was more repulsive than the planet Crocratys. A vile planet enveloped in a dark atmosphere, devoid of beauty, and covered by billions of kilometres of swamps and deep dead decaying forests in which inhabited the only living beings on the face of the planet, insects. These insects had learned to adapt to the inclement weather and the harsh conditions of this inhospitable world.

On one particular voyage of exploration, a group of colonists came to this planet as part of an expedition to analyse Crocratys´s toxic atmosphere. During this expedition, a small group led by Artemis, a scientific colonist, landed on the surface in search of new plant and life forms and they weren't disappointed. They discovered millions upon millions of small invertebrates covered the entire planet's surface. Artemis, seeing this as a great opportunity for the study and advancement of botanical and biological sciences, collected large samples of these small invertebrates to take back to Colaris.

The return trip was catastrophic since the ship's intergalactic hyperspace device developed serious problems and during one of the space jumps the ship suffered a serious breakdown and they ended up stranded for a while in a primitive but exuberant world, populated by large lizard-like beasts. They had reached Earth. While the ship was being repaired, Artemis experimented with some of the specimens he had brought from Crocratys to see how they adapted to the world they were now in. He observed an astonishing symbiosis as they adapted incredibly quickly to this new world. Through further experiments, Artemis also created, with the help of other colonists on the expedition, an elixir that in theory when applied to a living being, would stimulate a great transformation and high growth.

Unfortunately, during one of the ship's test starts, the elixir, which was in the final stages of preparation and stored in the ship's laboratory, spilled onto the last remaining sample of insects they had brought from Crocratys. Instantly, the mass of insects began to fuse and grow uncontrollably into one giant humanoid being with huge arms emerging from the pile of mutating insects. In an attempt to eliminate them, some colonists rushed to incinerate them while Artemis raised the alarm and in fear of the consequences sealed the place off completely.

Back in Colaris, they reopened the laboratory and just as they did so watched as the specimen they had accidentally created escaped by making a hole in the ship's hull. For thousands of years, this creature, this monster, named after its planet of origin, Crocratys, hid itself far away from colonists until the sect of the Immortal Mystics discovered it in a state of hibernation and took it away to their secret facilities.

Once there, they woke him up and discovered to their amazement that he was an intelligent being with whom they could communicate. The Mystics saw in this creature the perfect participant to take part in their battle games, a new form of entertainment that were soon to be held in honour of the armistice between the two Colorian factions. Thus began the legend of the creature Crocratys and its historic and countless victories in the Fields of Eternal.
Parasitic Supremacy: (passive) when a unit dies with the active parasite Crocratys permanently gains extra armour. At night you earn double the armour with the parasites.
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