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''Let the wrath of my flames fall before everyone''

In the distant lands of northern Alteria, surrounded by eternally snowy mountains and icy rivers of frost, there was a small tribe of hunters, the Ixones, who lived in eternal harmony with nature, all under the watchful eye of Mother Earth. The Ixionites got all they needed from nature, such as minerals to make tools, wood, food etc.. A peaceful society living in harmony. In turn, the philosophy of life with which all the members of the tribe lived prevented them from harming nature and therefore Mother Earth, so when they heard news from beyond their borders of great nations that burned whole forests or destroyed mountains in search of banned minerals, they were shocked and asked the goddess for help in allowing them to continue living in anonymity.

But if the Ixionites could boast of one thing, even within the confines of their peaceful life, is that they could hunt. Both men and Ixionite women learned from a very young age the value of hunting, the different techniques, the handling of weapons, etc. Only one thing was prohibited, to hunt down the powerful fire horses, which were the sacred animals of Ixionita religion.

Among all the hunters, one especially stood out, the young Kuros. His ability to hunt and fight in general made him, in just a few years, a fearsome warrior that no one could match. As a consequence of this, he developed a pride that made him violate the Ixonite laws countless times, but since no one could control him, he was made an exception and allowed to do what he pleased. He also had the approval of many people who saw him as an opportunity to expand and discover new places contrary to the beliefs of the tribe. Kuros believed himself to be untouchable.

One day, Kuros was chosen along with a small group of Ixionites to explore the neighbouring lands along with a neighbouring tribe, since reports they had received, spoke of a strange disturbance that had made everything around them go crazy. After celebrating the appropriate rites and preparing their weapons and provisions for such a long journey, they advanced north. For many days, but what seemed like years, Kuros and his party crossed mountain ranges and great valleys without finding a glimpse of the problems that they had heard about. One night, there was a big blizzard and the group took refuge in a deep cave. That same night, a few members of the group rose silently and pounced on Kuros. Thanks to his quick reflexes, he managed to get away from some of the Ixionites but unfortunately, he was wounded by a dagger whilst fleeing from the cave. Totally exhausted and unable to see in the blizzard while being chased, he slipped on a rock and fell off a cliff. The fall was long and high, but by a miracle, he fell into a lagoon below. Kuros managed to crawl ashore and fell unconscious and his life began to ebb away.

Then strangely, he began to regain consciousness and Kuros saw a powerful entity approaching him. Kuros watched as the image became clearer and finally he saw a woman, dressed in very strange clothes, in front of him. The woman began to sing and Kuros began to rise from the ground, as the song increased in tempo. The faster the tempo got the more Kuros's body began to transform and in a burst of light and sound, Kuros became another being. Now he no longer possessed ordinary legs, but powerful horse-like legs, wrapped in flames. Kuros had transformed into a centaur. At that moment he realised that Mother Earth was the one who had brought him back to life, transforming him into another being.

Kuros remembered everything that had happened to him and swore he would not rest until he found the men who had ordered him killed.
Centaur Domain: (passive) Kuros transforms a % of armour into % movement speed. During the day, the armour ratio that is transformed is 120% more effective than at night when it is 80% effective.
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